Saturday, December 28, 2019

Learn SEO and Earn Money

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO(Search Engine optimization) is the core part of the digital marketing .SEO is the process by which we can optimised our website in the top of the SERP(search engine result page) by the help of this we can gernate traffic in our website . This is the unpaid method to optimised our webpage in top ranking there are many of advantages to learn SEO it helps us to your customers to finding out your bussniess from among thousand of other company websites.

At present SEO is the very important part of the digital marekting strategy .A proper SEO makes your website rank on the top of the SERP(search engine result page ) about 70% users clicks the top ranking webpage after search any query and 20%users click first-five links and remaining 10% users click 6-9 webpages  that's mean your website are in good SEO so this takes a perfect clicks .At current online marketing scenerio the importance of good SEO is very important .For good SEO we use these following things such as:-
1.Website names and URLs
2.Page content
3.Meta tags
4.Characteristics of Link
5.Usability and accessibility
6.Page design

To grow our Rank in SEO we use good keywords , perfect discription and good backlinks of our webpages. Title is the most important thing in the webdevelopment because it provides a first impression to the users.

To learn the complete knowledge of the SEO help you to grow your bussniess .This is the free-cost way to optimize our website in the top ranking 

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